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Sep 10, 2010

Towers of Midnight - Book Trailer

Just to be completely unfair, I'm going to contrast the video in the book trailer of the previous post with this one.

See? That's how video and voice over should be, if you are going include them. Of course, the budget for this was probably larger than the budget for my wedding, because we are talking Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. Tor could afford to make this look good. It's pretty hard to compete with the flagship title for a major publisher. Still, it gives all of us little guys something to aspire to.

Oh, and I have this theory that the sweet spot, length wise, for a trailer, is 70 seconds, or one minute, ten seconds. Notice the length on this one.


C. N. Nevets said...

It's clearly well-done and clearly heavily budgeted, but I really wish they didn't cut from all beautiful cinematography to a still of the book cover. It makes that cover look cheesy in comparison, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Obviously, since it is what it is, no one who will be buying the 13th Wheel of Time is going to care about that, but ... meh ... lol

I know, there's no pleasing me. hahaha

Tara Maya said...

It is interesting that most books have much better graphics than they use in the cover, but here it is the reverse.

Jera Wolfe said...

I still have to catch up on this series. I promise you, if I ever start a best selling series and am taking 13 1000 page books to do it?


If I do, you can kill me.

I have started to see these, book trailers. I am bemused and appreciative of the groups behind these pushing book sales so hard.

Warms my heart.

Unknown said...

I love the trailer...but agree with C.N. Nevets...I have this series on my reader, but have yet to start on it.