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Sep 12, 2010

Domey's Booksigning

Earlier this evening, I had the delightful opportunity to pop over to Skylight Books for the booksigning of Strange Cargo, an anthology of the PEN Center USA's Emerging Voices, including Davin Malasarn, my friend from The Literary Lab.

They even had wine. It was classy.

Sadly, I missed the readings, but even though I arrived quite late, the bookstore was packed. You have to understand, Domey and I met in cyberspace; this was our first meeting in person. I had a feeling I knew which one Domey was, but the crowd kind of freaked me out, and I hid in the children's section, hiding behind my toddlers (they're pretty short, so this is less effective than I'd like) until the mob thinned. Then I edged near the person I thought was Domey. He was talking to someone else, so I did that obnoxious cocktail party trick, where you loiter just close enough to a conversation that you're no part of that eventually one of the participants nods uncertainly in your direction.

The longer I loitered the more I wondered what I would say if this was some other guy completely.

Fortunately, it was indeed the illustrious Mr. Malasarn, and it was worth all my introvert-angst to attend the soirée and meet him. I now have an autographed copy. Thanks, Domey!


Michelle D. Argyle said...

Can I just tell you I'm absolutely green with envy!!!!!!!!!!! And this also gives me another huge, huge excuse to make it over there to meet you, Domey, and Scott and several other people I know over on the coast. I need to move!

Mayowa said...

Oh you're lucky. Domey's good people and I enjoy his posts on the Literary Lab.

Hiding behind the toddlers cracked me up.

C. N. Nevets said...

Wine is only classy if they also have cheese.

I'm surprised you didn't enlist the toddlers' help in running up to him, tugging on his pant leg and asking, "Are you Mister Domey?"

Sounds like a fun time, Tara! Jealousy all around!

p.s. my verification word is frackga. As a Battlestar Galactica Fan this delights my nerdy soul in all sorts of horrible ways.

Davin Malasarn said...

Tara Maya, it was so fun to meet you and talk! I did feel bad for having to rush off, but I needed to make another engagement, unfortunately. Still, I think we had a nice little conversation, and it was nice to see your family too. :)

Thank you so much for coming!