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Sep 10, 2010

New Agent - Denise Little

There's a new agent who handles science fiction and fantasy, among other genres: Denise Little.

As you can see, she's already up to her ears in slush. She seems quite nice, and experienced in the publishing world.

I’m excited to be trying something new, after over thirty years in the book business. I’ve sat on every side of the table in this field, from bookseller to chain book buyer to editor to book packager, and now–I’m an agent.

I’ve got a head full of industry knowlege that’s uncommon for anyone in publishing, simply because I’ve worn so many hats in the the book field. Lots of agents have publishing experience, for example, but I don’t think too many other agents have first-hand inside knowlege of what goes on at the world’s largest bookseller, Barnes & Noble.

I think it gives me an edge in figuring out what will sell that few other agents have.

In addition, I’ve been an author myself. I know exactly what it feels like to submit, then wait for an answer with my heart in my throat for what feels like forever–and sometimes is.

I love working with new writers, but I’m very blunt. If I don’t like something, I’m likely to tell you straight out that I don’t. But if I love something–I’ll tell you that, too, and work my heart out for you.

I would love to jump on the dogpile -- who doesn't love the chance to write a query letter? -- but I'm going resist the urge. :)


Lucas Darr said...

What? Are you kidding? I read her bio and went WOW. I sent my query as fast as I could move my little mousie cursor!

Tara Maya said...

Yeah, she sounds pretty awesome. But my sneaky plan is for you to get her as an agent and then recommend me. *winsome smile, fluttery lashes* You'd do that for me, right?

dolorah said...

I wish my fantasy wasn't in the "barely a concept" phase. I'd try to snap her up in a heartbeat.

But, my stuff that's ready is womens fiction.

Hey, I'll keep this post in mind when I'm ready with the fantasy though.

Or that sci-fi faerie tale. I wonder if I could make it a novella to attract her attention?

Hmm. . .


Lucas Darr said...

Heh heh heh!

You bet!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the info, Tara! I sent a query, and she asked to see the full manuscript. Wish me luck!


Tara Maya said...

Chanta, that's great!