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Sep 28, 2010

This is Why You Should Keep Your Notes

Argh. I am down to writing the last introduction to a story in the anthology. I saved it for last because it's a hard sf story, and probably the least accessible in the anthology. It takes place in the fraction of a second after the Big Bang before the hadronization of quarks took place.

What is driving me crazy is that I did a TON of research for this novella. I read physics papers, pop science books on the Big Bang, philosophical musings by scientists on the nature of the cosmological constant, and on and on. Most of that, I left out of the story, of course, but I wanted to talk about it in my comments. But, because I was writing fiction instead of an academic paper, I just tossed all good academic instincts out the window and did not keep a bibliography. In fact, I can't even find my notes. I know that I have -- or should have -- many of the papers I read on my computer, but lord knows where.

I am so mad at myself for not keeping better notes. I am tempted to yank the story, but I've already mentioned it will be in the anthology to numerous people, so.... *sound of me kicking myself*


Derek J. Canyon said...

"...fraction of a second after the Big Bang before the hadronization of quarks..."

Wow. That does sound intimidating. But, also intriguing!

Tara Maya said...

LOL, yeah, it's probably the least accessible story. But I figure them as don't care fer it can skip.