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Sep 17, 2010

Rigor Amortis - Book Trailer of the Day

hat tip to Anthony Pacheco for this one!

It's done with Animoto, and it looks pretty slick, doesn't it! The music and the pace makes this 1:24 seconds fly by. I love the cartoons. I wonder if they are in the book? I wasn't quite clear if this was a graphic novel, an illustrated anthology. I'm assuming its a short story collection because of the editors.

The premise of this anthology made me snarf.


C. N. Nevets said...

Really well done. Love the hook. Would love to know what the heck it actually is, though (short stories? comics? art? a few novellas?).

But, yah, good hook.

Lucas Darr said...

According to the editor who I follow on Facebook, it is a short story anthology about zombie romance/erotica. The anthology looks like it contains lots of artwork.

I love the disturbing pulsing to the video.

Tara Maya said...

Cool. Thanks Anthony. I like the pulsing too. It works with the art to really freak me out.