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Nov 2, 2012

Find Me On NaNoWriMo

If you're doing NaNoWriMo this year and want to buddy me, I'm taramaya88.

I'm working on a Young Adult holiday novel. This might be a stand-alone or part of an episodic series. That is to say that unlike The Unfinished Song, which is all one connected story, this book has a resolution at the end (a happy ending, of course). If there are other books in the series, they will also stand alone, although they may have some of the same characters and would be set in the same world. Each one would be about a different holiday.

The problem with holiday novels is that I'm only in a mood to write them at certain times of the year. I wonder why that is, hmmm....  Anyway, I decided to give it a try, and if it works, maybe I'll have this out in time for the holiday in question next year.

Here's the cover (for now). Guess the holiday:

Here's the blurb:

Knights of the Year

Thousands of dimensions overlap our own--sharing the same physical but divergent psychic space. Some of these dimensions are closer to the Light than the human plane. Some are closer to the Void. Individuals with special sight can see across dimensions, but besides dying or being born, the only one way for an ordinary person to travel between dimensions is to use the magic of the Gates--what we call holidays. The Gates are guarded, on the earthly side, by the Knights of the Year. At least they were--until one Knight slaughtered all the rest and scattered their Keys.

October Knight

Brandon Kickabut attends a high school with teachers from hell, evades the cruel pranks of his stepbrothers and endures the abuse of his stepfather. You know, just your average high school sophomore goblin. Except for one thing: he knows humans and other creatures of legend are real. He can see across dimensions, and he's been spying on the human plane, searching for his mother and father who disappeared when he was young.

Instead, he encounters Pam Stryker, a gorgeous human girl. Brandon convinces his friends to help him open the Gate to the human plane in time for Homecoming, even though the dance is held in early October, and goblins are not allowed to travel to the human plane any day except Halloween. And as long as he's breaking the rules, why not use a little magic to ensure that he's Homecoming King and Pam is his Queen? He knows it can't last--she's WAY out of his league--all he wants is one perfect night with his dream girl.

And it IS perfect...until his ogre stepbrothers steal his Gate to unleash an army of teen goblins onto the earth. Worse yet, Pam is not just Homecoming Queen, she's a Ghulstryker, and her job is to rid the earth of monsters from other dimensions. Including Brandon. But he can't leave yet. Not only does he have to help Pam fight off the other goblins, whether she wants it or not, but Pam is the only one who can tell him what happened to his parents. Brandon already knows he's not going to like the news. For his father was the October Knight, and was either slaughtered along with all the other Knights Pam believes... was the killer.

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