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Nov 15, 2012

Time To Think About Holiday Specials!

Maybe it's because I'm writing a holiday themed novel.

Maybe it's because I usually wait until the last minute and then panic.

Maybe it's because I'm planning a winter road trip with three kids.

But I'm thinking it's not too soon to pick up some Christmas specials.

Ok, let's start with the Duh, Of Course:

I haven't seen this one, but it might hit the Warm and Romantic Christmas Chick Flick spot:

This one is totally dorky, but cute. I might be compelled to watch it again because I'm thinking about Christmas elves.

Here's another one about Christmas elves which looks fun. I haven't seen it yet.

And this one isn't specifically a Christmas special, but it's wintery. Also, we're reading the book to our kids as the bedtime story (one chapter per night) and we all want to see the move.

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