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Nov 25, 2012

Writing In The Crosshairs: What Makes a Good Novel Ending?

A great post on what makes a good ending:
An inept ending can kill your otherwise great book. So what questions do you need to ask about yourending? 
1. Does it resolve the core conflict of the novel? 

This is the big "this is what my book is about" question that your protagonist has spent the entire book trying to achieve. 
This is a biggie for series books, as there's a larger story arc across multiple books. But the goal in that one book needs to be resolved.
2. Does it satisfy the major questions posed in the novel? 
You don't have to tie up all the loose ends, but there are probably a few major things in the story readers will want to know answers to.

Read the rest at Writing In The Crosshairs: WHAT MAKES FOR A GOOD NOVEL ENDING?

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