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Nov 20, 2012

McGuffin Found In the Wild!

A few posts back, I mentioned ever-useful the McGuffin plot. If you pay close attention, you will often see Hollywood writers wink slyly at the viewers in the know by mentioning the McGuffin right in the script. It's a meta-McGuffin!

Here's one McGuffin I recently found in the wild on The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 2, It's About Time):

Kowalski: (Sighs) Oh Skipper, I don't think you're seeing the big picture here. With the Chronotron we'll be able to visit any period in history!

After taking a sip, Skipper throws his cup of joe to the side, and punches his open hand while talking.

Skipper: Outstanding! Finally those hippies can be stopped! C'mon Rico!
Skipper and Rico slowly advance towards the Chrono-tron.

Rico: (Angrily) Hippies!

Kowalski: Hold on Skipper, the Chronotron needs just one more thing before it's fully functional. Five ounces of Macguffium-239. Fortunately I know where to find some right here in midtown.

Kowalski pulls out a City Map and points to the center of it.

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