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Nov 22, 2012

NaNoWriMo Tip #22: When You Can’t Write…How To Deal With So-Called Real Life

I use this same recipe.

These are my personal tips for NaNoWriMo. You know the drill. Take only what works.

If there is one theme to these Tips, it’s that not all Writing is writing. There’s a lot more to finishing a novel than just typing the scenes.

It’s possible you have other stuff to do today besides sit at the computer working on your novel. I’m not going to guess what that might be… what am I, psychic?

I mother three boys under six and frequently babysit one to three more young cousins along with them, so there are many times in my work week when I have to live with distractions. I can’t concentrate on writing on the computer with the kids around, so I don’t try. However, there are some activities I can do even while watching the kids. They work on their stuff and I work on mine and if I need to look up from my work to praise a castle construction or mediate a dispute, no problem.

Here are some of  my low-concentration-required tasks. Your list may differ; go ahead and jot it down, or just give it some thought.

1. Imagining.

2. Reading novels in my genre to inspire me.

3. Reading nonfiction How To Write books to help me with particular problems, or just inspire me.

4. Reading drafts of fellow writers.

5. Writing related email.

6. Writing related social media.

7. Sketching characters from my novel, or scouring magazines or the internet for pictures of people, places and things in my novel

8. Working on my map or chronology.

9. Talking to friends about my story.

10. Pretending any conflicts, fights or family tension I might be experiencing is happening to characters in my novel.  ;)

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