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Nov 27, 2012

Help! I'm Just Starting #NaNoWriMo! (Emergency Tip Day 4)

Help! I'm Just Starting #NaNoWriMo! (Emergency Tip Day 4)

Day One: Refine Your  Idea - Brainstorm a Log Line and create a Beat Sheet
Day Two: Expand Your Idea - Deepen Your Characters and Spice up Your Plot
Day Three:  Outline Your Novel - Create a Scene by Scene Outline
Day Four: Outline Your Scenes - Scene Helper

Day Five: Draft Your Scenes - From Scene to Draft - First Third of Your Novel
Day Six: Keep Going on that Draft - Second Third of Your Novel 
Day Seven: Wow, you have a whole extra day to write, plenty of time - Third Third.

Day 4: Outline Your Scenes

Tip #20: Scene Helper

Here's some other steps to do on Day Four:

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