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Nov 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Gratitude: Writer Edition (Via Pitch Slapped)

I thought February Grace's sentiment for Thanksgiving was lovely.

To those who are as yet unpublished, I wish for your every good dream to come true, and I wish for you the gratitude of appreciating where you are in your journey, right now, this moment.

Appreciate the innocence, the sense of pure and limitless possibility that lies before you...and keep after your dream, in one way or another.

Don't forget to be grateful for those who have helped you along the way; friends who read your stuff, teachers, mentors, other writers to commiserate with and look up to. Appreciate the people, because they matter more than anything else.

To those who have just been published for the first time in say, a magazine or anthology, I wish you the ability to truly CELEBRATE this momentous occasion. Do not listen to the whispers in your head that tell you 'but it's not a novel' or 'it's not my memoir' or whatever it is your hoping to write in the future.

You have stepped through a door that can never be closed to you again; you ARE a published writer. Don't forget to be grateful for the people who helped you get there; those who read and accepted your work, those who helped you hone it before you submitted, and the friends and family who put up with your agonizing during the waiting period between when the submission date opened and closed.
You can read the whole thing at her blog Pitch Slapped: Thanksgiving Gratitude: Writer Edition.

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Michelle D. Argyle said...

I really, really loved this when I read it on Bru's blog, and here too.