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Nov 4, 2012

Kid's Corner - Children's Picture Book - Big Cats

Big Cats is a ridiculously simple book. My toddler loves it, though. He's two and his biggest hero is Baby Jaguar from Go, Diego, Go! I made this book to teach him about jaguars and other big cats. I explain that each big cat has a common English name and a "secret" scientific name.  He loves repeating the "secret" name after me and it's so cute.

I often add additional commentary about who has stripes or spots or manes as I read it with him. If we have time, I add more; if it's late and he's already had another bedtime story, I make it short. That's one nice thing about picture books, you can adjust the reading time easily!

I can't offer it free right now, unfortunately, so I'll post the whole thing free here. This is the whole book (sixteen pictures).

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Unknown said...

Oh, golly, those cats are adorable!